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Racing wheels & performance tires. Check out some of the best performance & high performance tires from around the world & a huge selection of racing wheels. Custom, American Racing, Centerline, BBS and lots more.

Welcome to mainly contains wheels from lots of brands and where you can buy them from. If you're looking for tyres and you can't find much of a selection here, check out

You will find:

Some of the best Performance and High Performance Tires from around the world.

A huge selection of Racing Wheels, wheels for specific vehicles & great wheels to make your ride look that bit better.

Wheels offer more to your car than just looks. The optimal height, width, & weight can result in excellent handling characteristics required in highly tuned cars.

Performance tire ratings & reviews so you know what customers really liked.

Performance tire mounting tips.

Racing Wheels

Racing Wheels

Racing Wheels

Racing Wheels Performance Tires

Racing Wheels Performance Tires

Racing Wheels Performance Tires

Racing WheelsRacing Wheels - Racing Wheels & wheels in general for your car. A huge selection of wheels, including: American racing, Weld, Volk, Drag, Racing Hart, BBS, Custom racing wheels, Diablo, DTM, FRD & a load more!

Performance TiresPerformance Tires - Performance Tires from a range of brands and for a range of different car models. Falken Performance Tires, Performance Tires Porsche, Goodyear Performance Tires, Performance All-Season Tires...

High Performance TiresHigh Performance - Ultra/high performance tires from a range of brands. High performance tyres from the following brands; Continental, Falken, Goodyear high performance tires, Dunlop high performance tires.

Performance Tire ReviewsReviews - Performance Tire Reviews & High Performance Tire Reviews. Performance Tire Reviews you'll find the Fuzion ZRi, Michelin HydroEdge & the XP 2000 II from General Tire. See what customers exactly thought about these tires.

Performance Tire RatingsTire Ratings - Performance Tire Ratings for just a few performance tires. Performance Tire Ratings for, Falken Ziex ZE-512, BFGoodrich G-Force T/A, BFGoodrich Scorcher T/A, Bridgestone Fuzion ZRi & Dunlop SP Sport 5000.

Mounting Tips - Mounting Performance Tires can be quite a challenge. Performance tire mounting tips to help you out, including on what equipment you may need. Step-by-step mounting instructions to give you an idea on how careful you have to be.

Site written by Neil Villette